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Ram Kumar
Jun 10, 2021
In General Discussion
My bonding with Amma was for 35 years . I had many happy occasions but of course tough times too because of unwanted ego/ prestige/pride issues that eventually turned out the wrath in me. But within fraction of second , you have taught me life is nothing..,Amma. If the lord shiva/Md prophet/ Santa clause asks me for a boon, I will ask thy to spare Amma's life on earth for one year (as no one is immortal) just to witness her grandson/daughter's three pending marriages and punal function of her beloved grandsons' that completes her entire circle of the family responsibilities. I have to perform a lot of rituals before you actually leave this physical form of living and i believe to have fulfilled your maximum desires and trust to have flourished the maximum extent of happiness to you in all the ways. Had i given the boon of increasing your life span or having acquired your wealth ,it would definitely had been to have you because wealth is nothing to cherish than the beautiful times you had given us as a mother in law. I always had prayers that i need nothing more than what i have but also not to take anything from what i hold. Unfortunately , i lost you Amma !! Forgive me !!! Miss you Amma - Radha Ramkumar
Missing Amma by Radha content media

Ram Kumar

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