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Favorite makeup

Covergirl light shade

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Favorite Watch

Men's watch with large dial. Hates watch withou numbers

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Favorite pastime

Shopping saree for 8 hours at a stretch

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Second favorite pastime

Replacing saree next day after  8 hours of selection the previous day

Oputhukaren da

Means I agree. Usage "Na opthukuren d. panninathu thappu da" meaning I agree it was wrong

emblathu vayasu

means eighty years. Usage - "emblathu vayasu kezhavi" meaning 80 year self


Means I am here. Usage;

 I call "pattee". She replies back "Oov" meaning I am here.


Thats how all her three sons call her 


CHACHU - great grand kid sashvat

CHACHANK - great grand kid sashank


Thats how we call our patti when we  want to cuddle her


Meaning handbag. Usage; "manipurse mathiri vandhudiven d enga ponalum" meaning I like to join people like their handbag wherever they go

neduga suthi pathom

We roamed the entire place and I enjoyed every  bit of it. Alternate usage "Neduga suthi kamichan d"  meaning he/she showed me around and loved every bit of it


Thats how we call her when we dissapprove of her action

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Favorite south indian restaurant food

rava Thosai. She can have this at every restaurant we stop by in long road trips in same day

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Favorite ice-cream


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Favorite fastfood

Papa johns thin crust pizza  in USA. She says "Sapta vayaru lesa irukum d (You will feel very light after eating it..)"

Mc donalds Burger in India

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Recent  Favorite soap opera


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